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There is nothing more therapeutic than being in the presence of the Autistic community. It can feel understandably overwhelming when life becomes about therapies, routines and research. The Autistic community can promote acceptance in ways that other people may not understand and can celebrate your wins like no other.


Amaze is an organization that is leading the way in shaping the future for Autism. Amaze raises awareness and influences positive change for Autistic people and their families/supporters and provides credible information and resources to individuals, families, professionals, government and the wider community.
Yellow Ladybugs is an outstanding organisation that is dedicated to the happiness, success and celebration of Autistic girls and women.

Autism Actually is a consulting and mentoring business based in Victoria for professionals, Autistic individuals and their families.

The I Can Network, provides mentoring programs for both primary and secondary schools to create inclusive schools that celebrate the individual strengths of Autistic people.

Reframing Autism embrace Autistic identity and culture.

Agony Autie is creating Autism awareness with videos including; What is Autism to you, Autistic Women and Girls, Sensory Overload and Why Stim Dancing Helps, Stimming.
We Rock the Spectrum gyms are sensory safe gyms, providing kids of all abilities with a fun and motivating environment to play, regulate and grow together.
Paul Sadler Swimland – In the mid 1970’s special needs teacher Paul Sadler had a passion for teaching kids how to swim and has developed excellent programs that incorporate learning aids.
Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart Airport Assistance –

Please find psycho-education below to enhance your family and friends understanding of Autism –

The following is short video simulating a hypersensitivity to sensory experiences

Please find a link describing why small change is difficult

Please find below links (Parts one and two) of a symposium on Good Mental Health for Autistic Girls and Women – held by the Yellow Ladybugs.

You might consider the recent episode of the ‘ABC All in your mind’ podcast called the ‘The Autism Project’.
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